A train has taken a track which is in poor condition. You must fix it quickly before it arrives ! For this you will be equipped with different resources.

A train will send them to you every time it passes near you. Watch out for the coming train, you can slow it down with the lever.

A lever can only be activated once. The train will slow down while 5 seconds before restart his run. Be careful when crossing the tracks...


  • AZERTY ; 
    • ZQSD: Move, 
    • E: Interact,
    • Start: Esc
  • QWERTY ; 
    • WASD: Move, 
    • E: Interact,
    • Start: Esc
  • GAMEPAD ; 
    • Left Stick: Move, 
    • X / West button: Interact


  • Music by John Leonard French
  • Sound effect by Imphenzia


  • Unity 2019.3 (C#) 
  • Magica Voxel

It's my first game made in 4 days.

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